Awarded 2nd Place in the sprints Category at the Ciele x Trails for Mile Film Fest

WORST BUREID TREASURE is the exploration of the memories buried deep inside of you through the mind of Roel Gonzalez. Roel, a retired 12+ year Army Infantry soldier,  experienced many things that no one should ever have to go through. Out of necessity, he buried these memories as far back into his mind as he could. He began using substances to try to keep them there as he fell further and further. After being medically retired from the Army, Roel started running for himself once again. Over the course of his thousands of miles through trails, and ultra marathons, he has start to finally face the pains and memories of his past through the most extreme of running experiences, slowly figuring out who he is now.

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Roel Gonzalez

Co Director/DP- Matthew LeJune

Co Director/DP- Matthew Lucier

Sound Design- Grant Claytor

Animation- Aidan Cameron