Sometimes, it’s just the start of the journey that makes one follow closely behind... 🌲🏔

A community founded by many, with the vision of one. Vermont Green Football Club.

It’s a new journey. Community. All fighting for what they love on & off the pitch All the time, they believe that soccer can be powerful catalyst for a more environmentally sustainable and socially just world.


“Why are we doing this? We love soccer and we see an opportunity to support the development of the beautiful game in Vermont by providing access to the highest level of men’s soccer in the state. We also recognize that the climate crisis is real, and upon us, and each of us can be an active participant in driving change. We are building a highly competitive club that Vermonters will be proud to call their own. Our club goals, and the continued education for our staff, players, and supporters are intended to show an effective path to a brighter future. We hope to influence change in our community, in the world of soccer, and beyond.”

Director/DP- Matthew Lucier

Co-DP- Matthew LeJune

Creative - Matthew Lucier

VO- Madeline Zwickl