In 2016, the region surrounding Tunbridge, Vermont, faced A threat from a large developer to purchase 5,000 acres of rural lands.

The idea involved creating a gated community for 20,000 people in an area with a combined present population of 6,700. The location of this project would have meant the end of the back roads and natural landscape that has been the very fabric tying the community together for generations.

The proposed development inspired the community to take action to not only protect what they have but to decide their future together.

The Ranger was born out of the powerful energy that comes from a deep appreciation for what we have and the realization that it takes ongoing work to make it possible.

Just weeks after the event in 2018, the developer pulled the plug on the project due to the overwhelming amount of action taken by local community members and a whole lot of passionate Rangers. The four towns of Royalton, Sharon, Strafford and Tunbridge are now listed on the National Trust of Historic Places 11 Most Endangered Places Watch List.

Continuing that mission, The Ranger now donates more than $10,000 annually to local organizations that focus on three specific areas: stewardship for rural and agricultural land, access to outdoor recreation and sustaining small communities.

Director/ CO DP- Matthew Lucier

Co DP- Matthew LeJune

Sound Mix- Grant Claytor